Better healthcare for everyone

Welcome to a world on Elephant

Maternal and child health

A world where every child is immunized

Infectious disease prevention

A world where a cholera outbreak is stopped in its tracks

Stock control

A world where antiretrovirals are available to all those who need them

This is a world on Elephant.

Our Mission

Founded by doctors, Elephant is a technology company that equips governments, partners and patients with a digital solution for every step of the healthcare journey.

Our mission is to transform primary care and to improve outcomes, by seamlessly connecting all parts of the health service with our end-to-end solution.

Lightweight Technology

Our low-cost software is designed for the hardest to reach parts of the planet and can be deployed remotely within minutes. It runs on any internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer, with no costly servers to install.

Connecting the health service end-to-end

From clinical care, to stock management, reporting and billing.

Empowering the frontline

Equip clinicians with a simple interface to provide continuity of care to patients.

Optimising processes

Digitise and automate reporting, stock management and revenue collection.

Transforming care

Use the power of data to coordinate and plan effectively, averting crises before they happen.

The Elephant Impact

Live dashboards give leaders the information they need to make impactful data-driven decisions.

Saving Money
• Eliminate stock wastage
• Reduce lab expenditure
• Improve revenue collection

Saving Time
• Simplify the patient experience
• Automate administrative tasks
• Streamline payments, stock and billing

Saving Lives
• Prevent future disease outbreaks
• Diagnose conditions early
• Achieve continuity in patient care

COVID-19 Response

Elephant provides a holistic pandemic response tool kit: live dashboards provide real-time outbreak and resource monitoring; interconnected systems allow for the deployment of PPE, essential medicine, vaccine programmes and immunity passports.

The Elephant

Elephant was founded by doctors. We combine clinical and technical expertise, to build products that are fit for the frontline.

A holistic


Rapid remote deployment

Integrates with DHIS2

Portability of patient records

ICD WHO Standards

Who We Serve

Connecting all stakeholders across the health service with innovative digital solutions.

For patients

Empower patients with secure access to their digital health records and personalised care, wherever they are.

For professionals

Support frontline professionals with the digital tools and insights they need to provide patients with continuity of care.

For partners

Arm leaders with a unified view of their healthcare system, real-time data to detect and prevent diseases, and innovative tools to optimise revenue, billing and stock.

Hear from our Partners and Patients

Connecting all stakeholders across the health service with innovative digital solutions.

Elephant is the best private company you will ever work with; there is not an element of pushing down, but instead they work with you to improve their product and meet your needs.

County Minister of Health


The system helped provide a very calm and efficient environment to actually think about the patient’s case.



When you go to the doctor, he already knows your problem, you just tell him once. So the time I spend at the hospital has been shortened and their work has also become easier.


Makueni County, Kenya

The Elephant Story

Elephant was founded by two doctors in the UK, who are driven by the belief that everyone on the planet should have access to personalised, effective and affordable healthcare.

We have built a world-class team of doctors, public health experts, data scientists and operators, who understand healthcare and how it can be transformed.

Growing with partners

We work with government and healthcare providers in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, to provide digital solutions for every step of the healthcare journey.

Partner Regions


Our Investors